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The Best Bands in Huddersfield

Get Your Monthly Groove On!

The first Sunday of the month is band day at the Woolpack. Starting from 4pm one of our resident bands will give you a cracking day out. All the bands have a great mix of tracks on their playlist, ranging from the relaxing Sunday afternoon music in the first set, to getting you up and dancing into the evening for the second set.

You should also watch out for our specially selected Saturday gigs, which bring a livelier tone for those wanting to enjoy the most of the weekend after a busy week at work.

All our bands are selected very carefully, and we only book bands that we have previously seen, or who come very highly recommended. This is to ensure the quality of our live music acts is the best for our customer base and that they will keep coming back for excellent live music. So if you are a band wanting to play at The Woolpack, our advise is to inform us of any upcoming gigs you may have, and we will try to come and see you.